2008 Archives

Saints in the Strip
December 2008, The Strip Magazine

Horgan’s Heroes
December 2008, Pittsburgh Professional Magazine

Review: Epson Artisan 800 Printer
December 2008, Wi-FiPlanet.com

Breaking Down the Walls
Fall 2008, National Magazine (PDF)

Organic Recovery and Publix Work Together to Turn Waste Into Liquid Fertilizer
Fall 2008, Green Business Quarterly (PDF)

General Contractor Sets New Standard of Excellence with Green Design
Fall 2008, Green Business Quarterly

Music Man: Larry Tamburri
Fall 2008, Shady Ave Magazine (PDF)

The Cork Factory: A Historic Building Reborn
October 2008, The Strip Magazine (PDF)

Philadelphia’s Wi-Fi Story Begins a New Chapter
October 2, 2008, Wi-FiPlanet.com

Review: Nikon COOLPIX S52c
September 2008, Wi-FiPlanet.com

South Florida IT Specialists Helping Healthcare Offices Run More Smoothly
Aug. 2008, South Florida Hospital News

Going Virtual: Are you Ready for the Challenge?
Aug. 2008, Canadian Bar Association

RFID Tracking Allows Prisons to More Closely Monitor Inmates
July 2008, Wi-FiPlanet.com

A Case in Equity: Allegheny County Starts Gender Equality institute
July 2008, PA Law Weekly

Internationally Renowned Geriatric Specialist Joins UPMC
June 2008, Western PA Hospital News (PDF)

Nurse Extends Helping Hand Across the World
June 2008, Western PA Hospital News (PDF)

Second Time’s the Charm
June 26, 2008, GC Mid-Atlantic

Online Video Advertising Levels Playing Field for SMBs
June 2008, SmallBusinessComputing.com

Wardrivers: Pioneers or Pirates?
May 2008, Wi-FiPlanet.com

The Admirable Admiral (PDF)
April 2008, Pittsburgh Professional Magazine

Is In-Vehicle Wi-Fi a Boon For Commuters?
April 2008, Wi-FiPlanet.com

Trouble Offshore (PDF)
March 2008, National Magazine

Practice Makes Perfect (PDF)
March 2008, Pittsburgh Professional Magazine

ESOP Approach Credited to Company’s Financial Success (PDF)
Spring 2008, American Builders Quarterly

Land-Ron, Inc. Focuses on Quality and Fast Turnaround in Hospitality Industry (PDF)
Spring 2008, Hispanic Executive Quarterly

Daniel in the News: K.C.’s Write For You
April 1, 2008

Taking it to the Streets: Run Your Business from the Road
March 20, 2008, Wi-FiPlanet.com

Wi-Fi Tools of the Trade: Bedouins
March 14, 2008, Wi-FiPlanet.com

A New Workforce is Brewing
Feb. 27, 2008, Wi-FiPlanet.com

Youth Will Serve
March 2008, Pittsburgh Professional Magazine

Preventing Hockey Injuries: Safety Tips for Players
Feb. 2008, Hockey Equipment Insider

Hockey Sticks: Synthetic vs. Wood: Which is Better?
Feb. 2008, Hockey Equipment Insider

2008 Commercial Mortgage Banking Forecast
Jan. 2008, Global Real Estate Monitor

A Boom Year in Pittsburgh
Jan. 28, 2008, The Legal Intelligencer