A few kind words from satisfied clients and editors…

“Daniel Casciato, let me repeat, Daniel Casciato has been the most incredible professional I have had the pleasure of working with in my 30 years of publishing. For years, he treated my newspapers, websites and social media channels like they were his own. My clients preferred working with him over me. His articles were always spot on. I can only say that his talents are hard to put a price tag on. Knowing Daniel’s love of sports, I would say anything his hands touched made him a gold glove award winner on my team every year.”
-Harvey D. Kart, Publisher, Western Pennsylvania Healthcare News

“There’s a lot of writing on this page about Daniel.  I would agree with it all.  But, keeping this simple, Daniel is reliable, loyal, professional and highly competent.”
-John Chamberlin, YaJagoff Media, LLC

“I hired Daniel to consult with me regarding using social media to drive more people to the business I own: Perla Group – Coaching and Consulting. He brought such values to the sessions, not only in his deep understanding of social media sites, but also in teaching me to navigate these sites in an easy manner. He listened thoughtfully to me and coached me to design a social media program that would be most practical and effective for the Perla Group. Smart, savvy and his service charge is quite reasonable. I feel more energized and empowered to implement the social media plan for my business because of Daniel’s competent guidance.”
-Rosemarie Perla, Coaching Psychologist, Trusted Advisor and Consultant

“Without any question, I would recommend Dan for any copy writing project big or small. I have been fortunate enough to hire Dan for several projects and in each instance he has proven to be consistent, timely, creative, thorough, and creative. He’s “super” easy to work with, embodies a collaborative spirit and does whatever it takes. I look forward to many more opportunities to work with Dan!”
-Vanessa Capozzi, Lead Online Marketing Consultant at ieInteractive

“If you are looking for someone who can jump right in, impress you with his skills, professionalism and dedication, Dan is definitely your guy. He was able to immediately grasp our needs and deliver with an eye for detail and the ability to work with minimal direction. Dan also has a great personality – which makes him a joy to work with. I would recommend Dan to anyone who is looking for a secret weapon in the interactive realm.”
-Rachel May, Account Supervisor, BarkleyREI

“Dan worked with us for three months to cover a maternity leave in my department. During that time he consistently turned in clean copy that was both on-time and on-strategy. Dan is a pleasure to work with. If we ever have an opening in the future I would not hesitate to hire him again.”
-Erica Deitzel, Former User Experience Director, BarkleyREI

“Dan is a dream come true for a busy editor. He consistently produces copy on time, and his stories require little time to edit. I started assigning stories to Dan late in 2007 and he quickly became one of my regular go-to writers. Whenever I had a challenging assignment that needed to be done quickly, Dan was the man.”
-Michael Yablonski, Former Editor & Publisher, Pittsburgh Professional Magazine, Inc.

“I first hired Dan to write for Wi-Fi Planet in 2008. He has proven himself to be a reliable, capable, and dedicated freelancer. I trust him to deliver good results on time, to ask the necessary questions, and to be both personable and professional in all things. I recommend him most highly.”
-Naomi Graychase, Former Editor, Wi-FiPlanet.com

“Are you looking to astonish, engage and differentiate? Do you desire to cut through today’s clutter and communicate effectively? Are you optimizing Web 2.0 and “New Marketing” to stay far ahead of rivals and fortify your brand? Then Daniel Casciato is your man! Today’s world requires compelling stories, hyper-engagement with customers and stakeholders – energizing others to spread truthful and favorable stories about your efforts – peer to peer, through traditional media and especially online.  For many years, Daniel has been and will continue to be a key role player in our efforts to be at the leading edge of communicating, engaging and astonishing.”
-Richard M. Obertots, CEO, ThinkThroughTools, LLC

“Daniel is an incredibly creative and visionary writer. He’s very attentive to detail and I am constantly amazed by his work — the ideas that he comes up with and the stories/articles that he writes. I recommend him all the time to any of my clients that need his excellent services.”
-Joseph Polk, Senior Technical Specialist, PENNTAP

“Daniel is a ‘can’t miss’ hire.  He is exceptionally bright, incredibly diversified, and highly motivated.  He takes pride in his work, treats clients and colleagues with dignity, and demonstrates genuine respect for others.  I highly endorse him.”
-Michael James Luft, Guest Relations Supervisor, Pittsburgh Pirates; Former Principal, Serra Catholic High School 

“Daniel is one of the most talented and reliable writers I have had the privilege to work with.  His prose has the ability to compliment any publication.  I highly recommend him.”
-Linda Auth Gerber, Former Editor, The Point North; North Hills Monthly Magazine 

“I worked with Dan at the Allegheny County Bar Association.  I had been serving as the editor of The Lawyers Journal and was recently named director of communications.  Public relations fell under my purview.  The problem?  Although I had loads of experience in writing and editing, I had none in the art of public relations.   Zero.  Zip.  The solution?  I hired Dan and he proceeded to promote the ACBA to local, regional and national media with great success.  Through his direction, the media picked up stories about the ACBA’s pro bono efforts, community education projects, and foundation work.  Moreover, he was astute in handling delicate communications issues such as lawyers or judges behaving badly. He made both the ACBA and me look really good.”
-Lisa M. Goetz, Former Editor, The Lawyers Journal 

“From the first story I assigned him, Dan’s style, thoroughness and sensitivity shone. In particular Dan’s ambition and tenacity impress me – he doesn’t quit until he gets what he needs to make an article or project the best it can be.  He is a true professional.”
-Jennifer Kissel, Former Editor, Pittsburgh Senior News and North Hills Magazine

“I invited Dan to be a guest speaker at my graduate journalism class after hearing him speak at another function. He did a presentation on social networking and was wonderful. Not only did several of my students remark (again and again) how much they learned from him, I learned a lot. Dan is knowledgable, funny and very hands-on, making it for the audience to learn and enjoy his presentations. I highly recommend Dan for presentations and talks.”
-Kathleen Ganster, Writer/Journalism Professor

“Dan worked for the SciTech Initiative while I was on the board. As Chair, I interviewed and hired Dan, working with my Executive Director. At the time SciTech was an autonomous program working within Carnegie Science Center. SciTech is now a part of CSC. Dan is a creative and hard working individual. SciTech started as a big idea, with a small following and a little money. We needed an individual who could promote SciTech and create awareness for SciTech starting at zero. Dan was instrumental in creating those early marketing campaigns that put SciTech on the map. SciTech was a very entrepreneurial enterprise in the beginning, and even today, although it has become part of a large institution, it retains that entrepreneurial spirit. Dan flourished in that environment, and was a significant contributor to its growth and success. If you need someone who is creative and flexible, who can work with your team, who can make something out of nothing, then Dan Casciato is someone you want to work with.”
-Charles Vukotich, Jr., Senior Project Manager at University of Pittsburgh

“Daniel has been an invaluable media relations consultant and writer for the Pittsburgh Sports League.  Our league has been covered nationally on NPR and locally in both newspapers and television stations.  This press exposure was a result of his persistence and enthusiasm for his work.  His work is always very clear, concise and on time.  He is very professional in his communications and is an invaluable resource to the Pittsburgh Sports League.”
-Charlie Kennedy, Former Manager, Pittsburgh Sports League 

“Daniel is incredibly talented.  He came into a very intense and difficult situation, and immediately grasped the complexity of the situation and knew exactly how to attack the problem.  I’d hire him anytime for any situation. He’s smart, quick and flexible. Without question, he was an asset to our team.”
-Tina Mengine, Former Communications Director, City of Erie, PA